Cockpit CMS - How Can i remove the Sidebar and Change Icons


Hello, i have 2 Questions.

  1. How can i change the Icon from a Collection to Costum Icon? Its a way to Upload in the Backend new Icon Sets?
  2. How can i cahnge the Postion from the Sidebar? i want a full width editor, without the Sidebar


Hi @fschuermeyer, I’m afraid that is not possible in a standard way and tbh the sidebar is a core concept of the editorial process. In such case probably you may hide it using CSS. You can create your own css files in your addons or just create a file in config/cockpit/style.css


If you will change the icons go to > asetts > app > media > icons and Place your File and than go to storage > collection > the file from the collection to set your own Icon.

And than change the name to Costum.



@fschuermeyer changing the core icons is not a good idea, however, we can have a quick hack, put your custom icons inside config/icons and change the icon path to

'icon' => '../../../../config/icons/post-new.svg'

ideally would be better if cockpit accepted something like

'icon' => '#config:icons/post-new.svg' but that doesn’t work as we can observe on modules/collections/views/index.php (line 62).