Icons for Collection items

I would like to change the Icon for a Collection item. When the dialog pops up to change an Icon from Collection > Edit > Other > change Model Icon, I have no icons to choose from. Where should they be? Probably there is a answer/procedure but there is nothing in the Documentation or on the Forum that I have found so far.

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Artur: Your suggestion did not work. It should work, that is how you designed it but it does not work. Today, I have had the chance to look at the code and find out why. Simply put, it is most likely the age old problem of Linux v Windows directory handling. I develop and test on WAMP.

I made a few temporary alterations to some test code to display the grid of optional SVGs that are stored in /admin/config/icons/. When you select and write the icon to the Model, on windows you get:

‘icon’ => ‘#config:iconsD:\wwwroot\webmail\admin\config\icons\blog.svg’,

When you really want:

‘icon’ => ‘/config/icons/blog.svg’,

Such a manually modified entry displays the SVG correctly at Dashboard or Menu level etc. However the in between bit, that is when one has selected the SVG icon from the modal grid and thence to save it in the Model is not working correctly.

Obviously, I can edit the models to solve any immediate issue but it would be nice to get this working correctly.

Is there a chance you can use WSL on windows for web development?