E-commerce app built with cockpit api

Probably I couldn’t find any section that can show off the websites/apps built with Cockpit. So, please let me post it here.
It took me about 3 months to finish this project and currently this E-commerce app is serving about 40 clients.
I use Vue Gridsome, Cockpit API, Nelify Serverless.

You can test it here and give me feedback. Thanks.
Backend API - https://dashboard.shops.cx
Frontend - https://app.shops.cx


hi,it is looking amazing.you did a good job. but there is lots of modules to do.
it think you wrote custom frontend for backend,didnt you? how did you achieve that.can you share ?

Yes sure, currently I can’t share my source codes yet but I can share you how I build it.

I don’t let my client use Cockpit dashboard. I build a custom backend dashboard and a custom frontend pages with VueJS and all the data are fetching via Cockpit API.
I control the client capabilities with Cockpit tokens and hashed them as a long string, So it’s like an activation key for my clients.

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Hi nice app, Maybe You can share more hint about the making the app, apreciate the share thanks

You can also use Snipcart with Cockpit to turn any site into an e-commerce site.