Bug File image Upload in getcockpit 2.4.0

Hi Arthur,

in Apache server getcockpit 2.3.7 assets upload jpeg seems fine

but in getcockpit 2.4.0 assets upload jpg or png failed to upload but pdf can upload

both on same server

Looking at the console, you get a 500 error back. Can you please check your error logs for more details?

Hm… i resinstall getcockpit 2.4.0 now seems fine the image upload thanks Artur for the reply

but if I manualy copy storage folder for data and sqlite upload error again

Strange :thinking: I can’t verify the issue :slightly_frowning_face:

I think its the server issue abstratcadapter.php is missing with the fresh install and when I upload mannualy it cannot upload strange issue
thanks artur

I report to the server and its a remove automaticaly abstratcadapter.php because php exploit but I ask for whitelist its ok now