Asset manager not loading

When trying to upload an asset or replace an asset the asset manager is not loading.

TypeError: Cannot read properties of undefined (reading ‘assets.manager.limit’)
at Store.get (app.bundle.js?ver=2.8.5:1526:29)
at (assets-manager.js:23:32)
at Proxy. (app.bundle.js?ver=2.8.5:11:7720)
at Ms (app.bundle.js?ver=2.8.5:11:5562)
at Cr (app.bundle.js?ver=2.8.5:11:35157)
at app.bundle.js?ver=2.8.5:11:21345
at app.bundle.js?ver=2.8.5:11:21354
at M (app.bundle.js?ver=2.8.5:11:21378)
at F (app.bundle.js?ver=2.8.5:11:19740)
at v (app.bundle.js?ver=2.8.5:11:16860)

Where are you running Cockpit?