Allow multiple selections on Cockpit V2 asset picker

Cockpit v2 (Core and Pro) has a field type of “Asset” which has an option to “Allow Multiple Values”.

Current Experience
Currently, assets themselves can be uploaded in bulk, however, they must be linked to content one at a time, which is painfully slow for image-heavy projects:

  • Click plus sign
  • Click “Link Asset” button
  • Find and click on desired asset
  • Click “Select Asset” button
  • Click “Add Item” button

[This must be repeated for every asset/image]

Proposed Feature
If the Asset field has the “Allow Multiple Values” option toggled ON, the Asset picker dialog should allow multiple selections:

  • Click plus sign
  • Click “Link Asset(s)” button
  • Click thumbnails or tick checkboxes next to each desired asset
  • Click “Select Asset(s)” button
  • Click “Add Item(s)” button
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