Multi-Select Photos/Assets?

Am I crazy, or was this feature at what time included and has now gone missing?

Yes, there used to be “gallery” field type but not anymore. How to make a workaround or is this feature coming back?

You can still accomplish it by creating an asset field and allowing multiple values. Technically this works fine, but there is a huge problem in actually adding the content, it takes forever to select each item

I hear you! I also came to the conclusion, that the combination of asset-field + multiple values setting isn’t the optimal solution to manage image/media galleries. Bad ux for content editors.

I’ll try to come up with something.

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Hi Artur, there is error in cockpit 2.7 in asset field ( Allow multiple values ) cannot open asset but if single it can open asset

Thanks for reporting. Until it is fixed, can you set the following field options:

  filter: null

Should be fixed in the current dev version