Why is 2FA not working?

Hey there! i am giving my first test run in my online server.
I Having an issue with 2FA, i am using google authenticator. every time it just says verification failed. do i need to setup anything before using 2FA, minus syncing QR code with google authenticator ? user api-key has been generated.

i am unsure where to start debugging, if i have to…

What i did till now:

uploaded on my live server> installed > created few models & roles >enabled 2fa in a couple of them.

ps: login works without 2FA.

do i need to integrate webmail details? i am currently trying with google authenticator only. do i need any other application…

Thanks in advance :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart:

Hello community, do guide me i know i must be doing something wrong, but since there’s very less documentation, i am quite clueless :sweat_smile:

Just tested it with Google Authenticator and had no issues to login :man_shrugging: