Webhooks and Slack

Hi everyone,

In order to make webhooks work easily with Slack, i have added this line of code in ‘modules/Cockpit/webhooks.php’

Slack payload expect a text attribute otherwise it send a http 400

        $data = json_encode([
            'event' => $evt,
            'hook'  => $webhook['name'],
            'backend' => COCKPIT_ADMIN,
            'args' => func_get_args(),
            'text' => $webhook['name']

Feel free to change the implementation if you guys thinks it is great idea.

What would be nice is to have a list of attributes/values added in the webhooks setting so we could add attributes dynamically.


just added a new event you can hook into to modify webhook data:

Thanks for the fast response … When are planing to release this feature branch ?