Could someone help me to create a Webhook?

I’m trying to send a request to an endpoint whenever a create a news in Cockpit, but it’s not working. That’s my webhook configuration:

‘noticias’ is the name of the collection I created.

Is that configuration enough for my endpoint to receive a request from Cockpit when I create an entry in the collection “noticias”? After read the official doc, I understood that yes. My endpoint, however, doesn’t receive any request.

Thank you for your help!

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Stuck at a similar issue. My endpoint doesn’t receive any ping when I create a new entry in the collection. The event I am using is<collection-name>

I am not sure whether this is a configuration that can be changed, but I believe Cockpit webhooks do not work with local development.

What I did was use ngrok to create a temporary tunnel to localhost and pointed the webhook to the ngrok public URL. That seemed to work and it fired correctly.

Is this behaviour common to all webhooks or is this undocumented in Cockpit?

Use ngrok to create a public URL for your localhost and attach the webhook to that public URL to be able to test locally.