Update content item don't works


I am trying to update a simple “collection” content.

I send my data object {
“tilte”: “new title”,
“_id”: +id post+
in POST method

Cockpit receives the info but does not update it, it creates a new item.

Who has the solution?

There is no POST method on the item/modal/id route and no PUT or PATCH method.


This is a known bug. A new release with the fix will be out by the end of the week!


@artur is there any update on this bug?

Fix is already in dev. Availabe to test here: releases/develop • Cockpit files

New release with the fix should be out by the end of the week.

Great thanks @artur , current dev also contains fix for not deleting field values that are not in post?

If you refer to the issue above, then yes

Thanks I can confirm that both of the fixes are working perfect :slight_smile: