UniqueSlug multiple field not found

Hello to all,
i am trying to have a slug with multiple fields.

When I save my entry the slug is generated only with the first field “client” ignoring the field “project-name”

Am I wrong?
I am new with cockpit.

Thanks for the support

Hello @alessandro92,

the option to use multiple fields is a fallback. So if client is empty, the UniqueSlugs addon uses project_name as source to generate the slug. It is not designed to generate multiple (unique) slugs.

Hi raffaelj,
Thank you for your answer.

So it is not possible to generate a slug consisting of multiple fields?

No, not with the UniqueSlugs addon, but it is an interesting feature request. But I don’t have the time right now to write it.

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You can maybe give a try on other slug addon - https://github.com/pauloamgomes/CockpitCMS-BetterSlugs as it provides the ability to build slugs based on dynamic information (field values, collection name, etc…)