Can't generate slug. cockpit v2

I’m accustomed to generating slugs by using {“slug” : true} in the options JSON in version 1. However it doesn’t seem to work in v2

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Ok I’ve committed the sin of not reading as this was already solved here.

For quick reference, paste the following code into your /config/bootstrap.php file (if bootstrap.php isn’t there create the file)


$app->on('', function($modelName, $data) {

    $model = $this->module('content')->model($modelName);
    $collection = $model['type'] == 'singleton' ? 'content/singletons' : "content/collections/{$modelName}";
    $fields = $model['fields'] ?? [];

    foreach ($fields as $field) {

        // check if slug field and referenced field is in data
        if (isset($field['opts']['slugField'], $data[$field['opts']['slugField']])) {
            $data[$field['name']] = $this->helper('utils')->sluggify($data[$field['opts']['slugField']]);
            $this->dataStorage->save($collection, $data);

Add the desired field you want the slug to appear in and ensure it’s a text field:

In my case I simply named it slug

In the field settings, under options → JSON add the following value - slugField: 'heading'

I’ve put the value ‘heading’ as that’s the field I want a slug for

Thanks to @artur for the solution!