Singleton JSON shows non content data

I’m trying to figure out why a video isn’t loading in my singleton template and is working in the ones not relying on the singleton, as the content is exactly the same.

Looking into the JSON I can see a src: for a URL I cannot find within my singleton anywhere.

I guess my question is how can information be added/accessed from the singleton JSON if it isn’t in the content?

I also delete all the content and the information still appeared in the JSON.

Thanks in advance.

Hi @Ryan26960

Welcome to the Cockpit community.

In my opinion, it’s a bit difficult to understand your question entirly.
Could you please share your request (the endpoint you are trying to GET from your frontend) as well as it’s response?
I’ll try to help you as soon as you come up with more data :slight_smile:

Until than, have a great day :v:

Hi @Jamo, I ended up just asking my Boss to walk me through it, it was mainly a misunderstanding of what Cockpit could do! I was trying to get it to do something controlled on our end so no issu anymore.

Thanks anyway!