Making singleton calls for getting data


I got some trouble with making get request to get data from Singleton. In new docs I didn`t find anything on this subject.

So if for content request looks GET /content/item/{model} for singleton it should be GET /singleton/item/{singleton name} ??

GET /content/item/{model}

to get the content for a singleton model. Please make sure that the singleton state is set to “published”

Having trouble too

In both my code and the playground I get

  "error": "Permission denied"

when calling GET /content/item/TermsAndConditions1

If you don’t use an API-Key for the REST requests, then make sure that you assign a role to the public access user (settings > api & security) that has read permissions for the targeted content model

Can You confirm if the correct header for passing the APi key please?





From experimentation it looks like it is now the api-key Header

Yepp, :point_right: api-key is correct