Search itens by term


I’m newbie and need a little help. How can I use API to search an iten by term? Eg.


I have products with name field. Is there any to search products that name=Iphone?

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you can provide a filter parameter. e.g:


For more information:


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Thank you for help me!

Works fine, but doens’t work if I search by iphone. Is there any way to work with lowercase with the same result?


how do you filter by multiple fileds? for example name=iphone and published=1 ?


never mind; found out my self: ?filter[name]=iphone&filter[published]=1


Do you think it is possible to find differents terms at same time?

Thank you :slight_smile:

the query should look like this (requesting as application/json)

  filter {
    $and: [
      {name: 'Iphone'},
      {name: 'Samsung'}

Doing a GET request, this should look like this (not tested):


Hey Artur,

When you request as app/json, it’s working well!
But i’m more interested in GET request, and your request doesn’t work.

can’t test it right now, but try this:

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Mmmmm, i think i am a bit tired! We can’t use AND, but OR!


Thank you for your precious help!

Hello !

How can we filter collections based on words contained in a field. (As the ‘LIKE’ condition in sql/sqlite). I’m using sqlite in my config but filtering work only when all the field’s value is filled in for the request. I mean, I’ve to query with all the content of the title of a post before it can show in response (from API).

Thanks !

Issue resolved !

Explanation here:

In my collection, I need to get all items that have a specific word in they title.
Using Postman here is how a did it:

1- Set request url to this: https://your_website/api/collections/get/YOUR_COLLECTION?token=YOUR_TOKEN (request type must be GET or POST)
2- Set request body to “raw” with type “JSON” and content like below:
“filter”: {

Thank you all for helping with the solution.
To search entries in collection we require collection name (like products, as mentioned in your comment.)
However, I am looking for global search.
At the top we are having search for anything. can I use this search input to search any entries in any collection.

For example,
I am having following collections with entries.

Collection Name :: POST

  • Post1
  • Post2

Collection Name :: Gallery

  • thumbnail1
  • logo

So can I search here with entries (like thumbnail1 or post1) directly irrespective of collection name?

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Did you find a way to search for a field in all collections?

You can’t search in all collections by default, but you can write a custom api endpoint to do that job. In this thread are two possible solutions: