How do I 'get' a particular Collection item

I have some collections and I can grab them and generate a menu. Fine.

However, how do I then link from my menu items to the individual collection items? I see there are IDs and such returned but nothing I can see in the documentation to grab an individual item.

Or am I completely missing something? :slight_smile:

I’ve run into a similar issue, I can’t find the article that answered my question, but you’ll have to use a filter parameter on the request.

Here’s an example[ID]=ID_You_Want

You can also link collections together in Cockpit. So you could make a “menu items” collection, and then have a “menus” collection that grabs menu items. Then with one request you can get all the menu items you need.

Ok - that makes sense, thanks.

Is that filter thing documented anywhere? (I didn’t see it)

I don’t think you missed anything in their documentation. Based on my experience with Cockpit, the main documentation just has the basics covered.

You can do pretty much anything you’d like Cockpit as long as you’re willing to take the time to search the forums, and tinker with your install.

This question is where I found the filter options. I had to tinker with it to suit my needs.

I found that searching for my specific use case will pull up one or two entries that are similar, and then from there I can find the keywords that others have used to describe what I’m looking for. Then searching for the keywords, there’s usually an entry with a pretty in-depth explanation.

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This brings me to a follow up question. Is there some way to search on different fields?

Using the ID implies non human readable URLs in the browser if I have to link on them. I’d like to add a ‘slug’ field and be able to search on that.