Reordering items in repeater field does not update the response

I have a field of type repeater, which contains a set with 3 fields.
When I use the reorder functionality on them, I can resort them nicely in the UI. The new order does however not reflect what I receive when fetching the data from the endpoint. It is still the original order.

What am I doing wrong?

What’s your cockpit version?

And maybe a stupid question, but it happened to me multiple times… Did you save the entry after reordering?
Or do you have a multilingual setup and you fetched the wrong language, where the repeater wasn’t reordered?

I am on cockpit 0.11.0

After trying this now for about 15 minutes I do not really understand the behavior. It does work in 90% of the times actually. But every now and then it does not. Clicking the save button 3-4 times then, fixes it.

Maybe sometimes the reordering is not kicked off? Or same caching issue. Not sure :slight_smile:

Weird… Could you provide some more details to be able to reproduce the issue?

  • Which browser?
  • Is debug mode enabled (default on localhost)? --> than all scripts are loaded with a timestamp on each request --> could cause browsers to fill up a lot of RAM --> could than cause js errors and delays
  • list of addons