Protect Assets / Private Assets


is there a way to password/token protect the assets or images?
So only users with a token can view them?

Thanks for the awesome CMS :slight_smile:

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There is a plugin to use an external cloud provider: github .com/agentejo/CloudStorage

It supports Amazon S3 and Azure Blobstorage and there is currently a pull request for Minio support (the last one is self hosted and open source). With all three of them there is a possibility to ‘secure’ your assets.

However, there is no standard build in solution for this. That being said, it should be possbible to add that functionality in an Addon.

There is a list of available addons available here: github .com/muoto/CockpitCMSAddons but there doesn’t seem to be a matching solution for your problem.

(sorry about the mallformed URLs, I’m not allowed apparently to link to github… :confused: