PHP - access API, repeater fields & display singletons fields

Hi there!

A php/wordpress dev here. For a few different projects I’ve decided to use Cockpit, as it perfectly fits my needs. I have a single page website with bunch (around 20) different custom fields (here known as Singletons).

What I’m trying to achieve in PHP is to echo / get their values in website main view. So according to few posts / snippets I’ve included the bootstrap.php file at the very beggining of my index.php file. But then I’ve stucked. There is a bunch of Collections-related code snippets, but unfortunatelly I didnt find anything that works for singletons.

Few questions:

  1. If my index file is on the same server as Cockpit, do I need to use API token to display fields and somehow placed in the code? In my settings I do have API key generated + my singletons block (called homepage) is set to public.
  2. What’s the easiest way to show value of text field called e.g. “game_title”?
  3. Where I can find any code examples how to work with repeater fields? few created fields are repeater type so probably a kind of loop here is needed.

I’ve tried sth really basic like this:



$field = $this->module('singletons')->getData('game_default_title');

echo $field;


but it returns an error

Uncaught Error: Using $this when not in object context

THanks for any tips!!

Are you familiar with using php to query an API. It’s essentially the same because cockpit is an API of your content. Just look into using php to pull data from an API. Php has a ton of examples on the web. I hope that helps.