Page titles in backend - <head><title>{controller} - {}

The page title is always “Cockpit” or and it’s hardcoded in app.php. With multiple tabs open, I have to search the right one again and again. If it were something like CollectionName - Edit | or Accounts - Settings |, it would be much more clearly.

I digged into the code, but I didn’t find a very useful way to detect the current page. It would be possible, to split $app['route'] or the called controller into a meaningful page title, but I’m not sure, if this would catch all possible scenarios.

A builtin mechanism to detect the current page name could also be reused to create breadcrumbs automatically. Right now, they are hardcoded in the module views, too.

Thanks for the suggestion! I’ll add it o my todo list

For others, who don’t want to wait for the feature, I wrote a workaround. Add this to /config/bootstrap.php:

// change page titles
$app->on('app.layout.contentbefore', function(){
    $route = explode('/', substr($this['route'],1));
    if (isset($route[1]) && $route[1] == 'entry')
        $route[3] = 'Edit';
    $title = '';
    for (end($route); key($route)!==null; prev($route)){
        $title .= !empty(current($route)) ? $this->helpers['i18n']->get(ucfirst(current($route))) . ' - ' : '';
    $title .= $this[''];
    echo "<script>document.title = '$title'</script>";

Added generic title generation wit this commit:

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