OpenLiteSpeed support?

Is it possible to run Cockpit on an OpenLiteSpeed server instead of Apache/Nginex?

Have tried to install but I get the following error:

‘Missing PDO extension with Sqlite support’


I tried on another server and it works fine - according to phpinfo() on the first server the extensions were installed but it still won’t work!

This is definitely possible,

as the error already says, you don’t have SQLite in use.
None of the bundled PHP packages in OLS has SQLite on board.
Make your own PHP package and include “lsphpX.X-sqlite3” (X.X should be your preferred PHP version).

Alternatively you can use MongoDB to install Cockpit - just have a look at the documentation at: documentation/reference/configuration

Thanks - I tried it on a server which uses CyberPanel with OLS preinstalled - and that one worked fine!

So it was indeed just a matter of ensuring the right components are installed!

Thanks again!