New Addon - Custom Components

Another addon that enhances the user interface around the Layout field.

The layout field is quite powerful and can be used for approaching page based components (Hero, Carousels, Banners, Sections, Headings, etc…), however, if we have dozens of components we may don’t want to have all of them available on every layout field. To use the addon just use a new attribute on the layout field with the list of component names that should be present in that field, e.g.:

  "enabled": [

and when adding components it will only display:

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is there a way to preview some content like in the text component?

Maybe also select the field(s) for previewing?

Thank you


Afraid not, that’s something requested many times int the past, think the layout field needs a revamp with better visualisation of the inserted components. In the meantime something can help is to provide some details when inserting the component (you can replace the compponent name with any text)

Alright, thank you for fast answering :slight_smile:

Can the components be modified?

Example of the Text article which is a Wysiwyg, I wish I could put my settings.

Create a custom component, its just a matter to use the UI for that, you can add the fields you want for the component.

is it possible to have an example?

@pauloamgomes @raffaelj
Is it possible to have an example?

I downloaded the package Cockpit + React Static Demo Project
and I saw that there is a components.json file in storage but it doesn’t work.

What am I doing wrong? How should custom components be set up?


Sorry, but I never used that addon and I also didn’t test the demo project. Maybe this is a problem:

But I guess, that there is a json field in the ui to add the field options like you would add them for single fields, too.