Move /storage folder to cloud (aws s3)

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is that possible to move the /storage folder to any cloud storage like aws s3?

We are scaling up horizontally our environment and some files created by cockpit keeps only on the instance that user was running, so would be cool if we have all instances with same files.


With sshfs it is possible to mount a directory via ssh into you linux machine.
Let’s say your storage is currently located at /opt/cockpit/storage - then copy your storage folder to the aws s3 and simply mount the folder back to /opt/cockpit/storage using sshfs.

There is even a way to auto-remount in case the remote machine is rebooted.

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Also, you might find this addon useful:

@ Blistok seems this addon only supports assets and thumbnails.

@pedrosodremm Yes. I would love to see full support for complete storage folder as well.
That would also be an easy solve for Docker based setups. Currently the whole storage folder gets wiped out with container.