Menu rework and "Show in system menu" removed in latest next branch

@artur You reworked the system menu and removed the ability to display collections in it. I used that feature and now I have to think about a replacement.

Do you plan much more UI changes in the next days? If yes, I would wait with implementing the new changes to my needs and to a few addons.

I think, the easiest way to have that feature again, would be an event in the collection settings sidebar:

This would also allow more custom collection settings.

PS: I like the new design.

And I found some more changes, that could effect some addons or custom setups. If someone has issues, here are the changes in /modules/Cockpit/views/layouts/app.php:

  • removed event
  • removed event
  • new event
  • new event
  • new event

The Groups addon uses, but there might be some more, that need an update now.

Hi Raffael,

yes, I do some re-work/factoring before the next release.

The show in menu option wasn’t really used and confused most people, so I removed it.

I’ll introduce @trigger('collections.settings.aside') so you can add the functionality with a custom plugin if you want.

Regarding the backwards compatibility the addons can bind on both menu events:

$this->on(['', ''], function() {

I hope that I could clarify your questions.


Well, I used to take advantage of that feature too lately - dunno why it sould be removed :hushed:

At least one does not need to use it if one does not understand how it works or what it is made for :man_shrugging:

It is always my goal to keep Cockpit a simple as possible.

This means that I also remove stuff, that isn’t really used by the majority or even confuses people sometimes (eg bad ux from my part).

But I try always to keep a door open to bring back the functionality by creating a custom addon.

I hope you understand my thoughts behind the changes.


I wrote that addon right now: