Is webhook on custom sort possible?

Hi, all,

I am trying to trigger a webhook after moving around custom sortable entries in a collection. collections.updatecollection and don’t trigger on reordering. Is there any event that does?


Sorry, there is no event, yet.

Have a look here:

You could change it and send a pull request.

I’m not sure about the best logic and naming convention here… I would suggest to use the same logic like the core save function

or to create a new event, e. g.:

    if (is_array($entries) && count($entries)) {

        $this->app->trigger('collections.admin.updateorder.before', [$collection['name'], &$entries]);

        foreach($entries as $entry) {
            $this->app->storage->save("collections/{$_collectionId}", $entry);

        $this->app->trigger('collections.admin.updateorder.after', [$collection['name'], $entries]);