Is it possible to influence when Tabs are shown as dropdown

Using the groupname field in the options of each field in a singleton it is possible to very conveniently group fields. I am very happy with the tab view, but realized that even on very wide screens, with definitely enough space to show the groups as tabs, it is already shown as a dropdown instead.

Is there any way to influence this behavior and only show the dropdown when there really is not enough space for tabs?


You could modify the source code to change the threshold before the dropdown is activated. The tabs are managed in modules/Singletons/views/form.php, line 44-61:

If you want to show 10 tabs before switching over to the dropdown change “< 6” at the end of line 44 to “< 11” and “> 5” at the end of line 49 to “> 10”.

I’m don’t think there is an easy way of doing it, maybe you can add some script below line 184 to change the threshold dynamically/on window load? Also this would have to be done for Collections and other modules individually.

Thanks @fafn but editing the source is not really an option for us at the moment. I take it, that there is no simple way for this, so we will stick with the dropdown for now.