How does the concept of field options work?

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this is probably a very dumb question, but how does the concept of field options work? I’m not able to understand it :joy: and couldn’t find any introduction or explanation in the documentation, and it would be very cool if an introductionary sentence or something like that would be added to the docs. For example: How can you set a field type and what would you have to do if you wanted to set a field in a collection to an image?

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When you create/edit a field in the UI the form offers you a dropdown at the very top - here you can select the field type.

And at the bottom of the form you have a text-field for the field-option json object.

And dont forget the dropdown - it happens to me a lot that I simply add the field-options in the bottom and then I’m confused why I still have a simple text field and why my options dont work :slight_smile:

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