How to change the dashboard UI language?


I’m trying to find out how to change the UI language to another language than English (fr-FR), but I cannot find a way nor indications on how to do it with cockpit v2.

Is it possible?

Thank you

Official translations are in the making. But you can already create at least the language files on your own by running ./tower app:i18n:create fr in Cockpits root folder.

Then you need to edit the generated files with language strings in ./config/i18n/*

Thank you for your answer. I will look forward an official translation before to use this :slight_smile:

Hello. Files are created but do not respond to translation. What could be the problem?


You have to select the language in your profile/account settings

After language selection, only @meta array in language file works. Thank you

I also have an issue with translation. It’s only working at few places on the UI for me.

Example from the config\i18n\Content\fr.php file
This translation is fine (I can see it when I click to create a new model)
‘Tree’ => ‘Arbre’,

But this one never works, regardless of the context:
‘Content’ => ‘Contenu’,

Most translations do not seem to work. Another example. This one is supposed to translate the “Hello” message on the dashboard, but I can’t see it (config\i18n\App\fr.php)
‘Hello.’ => ‘Bonjour.’,

Any clue?


Yo, Bro.
This array is empty. Therefore, the language files do not work.

Please give feedback. Thanks