How hard is to create a new Cloud Storage adapter?

Trying to understand as Cloud Storage plugin works I think I found on bootstrap.php the Flysystem PHP working with Azure and AWS adapter. Looking on the flysystem and github site I found others adapters like FTP and Backblaze.

My question is If it’s possible to trying something using the logic applied into Azure and AWS into bootstrap.php? Do I need to worry to another files or folders?

It is quite straight forward :slight_smile:

I created a fork and added another of the flysystem adapters. Check it out here:

The bootstrap.php in this commit contains all logic:

I only modified the plugin bootstrapper and no other files.

Good luck!

Thank you for your code! I tried something like that with Backblaze, but it doesn’t work :frowning: I can see only a blank page or error 500.

I’m trying to use Backblaze and I think I found the main difference among it and Google, Azure and Amazon. Backblaze doesn’t have an URL in the adapter, only settings.

I will keeping trying to setup an adapter, but do you think that withou an URL setting is quite hardless instead of other adapters?

Edit: I think the biggest issu is the fact that Backblaze adapter doens’t have and adapter and a client.