Get event on singleton and collections list displaying

Hi, I am looking for event name when I display singleton list or collections list. I want to change something in list of collections by addons (http://localhost:8080/singletons, http://localhost:8080/collections).

I found events only for add/update specific entry for example:

$this->on('collections.entry.aside', function() { //do something });
I was trying
something like: $this->on('collections' or $this->on('collections.aside' but it not wrk for me.
Is there any event when I display lists of all collections and singletons or event when display entries of collection.

Hello @test_user,

when you found a solution to your problem it is never wrong to share it with the community. Others might benefit from it later on.

Best regards and welcome to Cockpit CMS,

Ok as I noticed we can trigger our custom events which we can catch later.
Just add this in the view: