Forum - more categories + labels + mark threads as solved

It would be great, to be able to mark threads as solved, like closing issues on Github.
I didn’t look into the discourse docs, but a short search brought me here:

A category “Feature Request” would be reasonable.

Adding labels (as admin/moderator) to threads could be reasonable, too.
–> like: “bug”, “docs”, “duplicate”, “enhancement”, “question”, “wontfix” etc.

And sub-categories or tags would be nice to give some more structure to the topics. It would be easier to support each other and to find threads, if topics were marked as “forms”, “mailer”, “Lime”, “collection-link” etc., than just as “Support”.

Agree, there is space for improvements, but believe we should go step by step, to avoid overcomplicating the forum (simple is good). The accepted answer plugin seems to me a good candidate.

This is a sponsored forum by discourse, what is great. The downside is, that I can’t install additional plugins.


The Solved plugin seems to be pre-installed. I did enable it now:


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