Filtering collection entries

I’ve discovered this wonderful CMS and was “playing” with it for a couple of days and i need some help to achieve some simple queries cause i cant finde the docs (the ones on the website are very poor :frowning: ). I’ve a simple “Event” collection with these fields:

  • title (Textfield)
  • description (WYSIWYG)
  • date_from (Date). Isnt publishing date, but when the event start (EX: a week-long festival)
  • date_to (Date)
  1. How can i filter my entries by title? I tried with filter[title] but i think its and exact match and not a “Start With” or “Contains”. I’m missing something?
  2. How can i filter my entries by a range of date? EX: I want to fetch all the events that will start this week, so today <= date_from <= to today+7. I noticed that the Date field type is returned as a string based on format I’ve specified on creation

Btw, very nice work.

PS: just to know, why the /api/collections/get/{collectionname} return the “fields” definitions too and not just the entries + total?

PPS: sorry for my english, but it isnt my former language :confused: