Favicon bug, don't know if it's cockpit or vivaldi

Have you checked in other browsers?
What is this local version running on?
Is this a docker container or a local install?
Which version are you using?

Do you have any steps that allow reproducing this issue confidently on another system?

Why did you think a screenshot without any details but a vague title was the proper way to share your findings?

latest version, works in vivaldi mobile and firefox linux, bug happened after i updated to the latest version recently, installed local with “sudo apt install cockpit -y”
steps to reproduce : use the current latest vivaldi stable version, i do not know if this is only on vivaldi linux or vivaldi desktop entirely

Network tab, preview

Network tab

Sources tab


working on Vivaldi mobile android, on Android 11

As long as it is working in one other browser it definitely is not a Cockpit bug.
So I’d guess it is a Vivaldi thing.