Edit language from Dashboard


I am blocked for hours, to know how can I change the language in the dashboard?
I would love to use french.

I changed : i18n : fr

But nothing changed ?

Thank you,
Alexis Gagliano

I am afraid the language files are not that current as for now I think.

Perhaps the translations you would like to have are not yet within the language file.

Do you even see a few words translated into french or is just everything still english (which surely would indicate that something went wrong installing or choosing your language)

Hey @serjoscha87!

No i see nothing change.
In the account: i can only choose “English”.

Where should I put the language files?
I can translate it.

Thank you,
Alexis Gagliano

Fine, every help is strongly appreciated.

Make sure you commit your improvements as soon as they are bullet proof :slight_smile:

Put the translation file to /cockpit/config/cockpit/i18n/fr.php


the config dir (and also the cockpit/i18n within) may not exists - just create them in that case and then put your lang file there.

As soon as you did you should be able to select your language

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Perfect, now everything is working.
Do you know where can I download a complete translation file?

tranlsation files are seperated by their language.

Here is a repository wirh translations for most languages (but I guess these are very incomplete)

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Already got that files, french isn’t complete.

Thank you for your help!

you are welcome! have fun using cockpit :slight_smile:

Just landed in cockpit next branch:

call in the terminal ./cp create-lang --lang fr --language French

This will create a language file in /config/cockpit/i18n/fr.php with all available language strings in your cockpit installation.



That’s amazing @artur, can you confirm that below approach is ok for loading translations from an module/addon (inside bootstrap.php):

  if ($translationspath = $app->path(__DIR__ . '/config/i18n/' . $app('i18n')->locale . '.php')) {
    $app('i18n')->load($translationspath, $app('i18n')->locale);

the approach is correct! but for addons I think that I would prefer if the language files are shipped with the modules and not stored in the config folder :thinking:

Exactly, that is what I have, if you check I’m running that in the addon bootstrap.php so the file will be on addon/config/i18n/langfile.php

Just mentioning it here so anybody looking for it will find it.

There is a new i18n-Repository for Cockpits next-branch: