Edit field layout inside the Set field

Is it possible to give an internal layout to the Set field?

I put in the set field 2 text fields and an image field, these are seen one below the other in full width.

You would like to put the two texts 1-2 / 1-2 layout and the image to 1-1,
it’s possible?


You can use this customized field:

how do you use this field?
to put fields on multiple columns?

 "fields": [
    {"name":"name", "type": "text"},
    {"name":"about", "type": "html"}


"fields": [
    {"name":"name", "type": "text", "width": "1-2"},
    {"name":"about", "type": "html", "width": "1-2"}

Possible sizes: https://getuikit.com/v2/docs/grid.html#usage

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It would be really nice if this would be part of the core “set field” since it is just a visual change to the field.