Config is ignored

I have uploaded cockpit to a SharedProvider and use it there. Everything works fine so far.

Then I defined languages in the configuration and entered a connection string to the MongoDB-Atlas.

Neither the languages nor the connection to Mongo are considered. But no error is displayed. Neither in the log nor in the interface.

After that I simply pre-defined the configuration (first upload the /config/config.yaml), which is also displayed correctly in the cockpit interface, in a new installation and then executed /install, but with the same result.

The first thing I found …

  1. If you create a config the first time over the UI … there is a config.yaml created. But with a kind of PHP array syntax. So it´s not valid yaml.

  2. After changing the filename manually to “config/config.PHP” the file is recognized and ended up with an 500 on “/install”. After adding some error reporting lines to the config.php I got a correct error message. There is no driver found.

This are my added line for error reporting:

ini_set(‘display_errors’, 1);
ini_set(‘display_startup_errors’, 1);

At the end … after bringing MongoDriver up an running …

‘database’ => [
‘server’ => ‘mongodb://’,
‘options’ => [
‘db’ => ‘dbname’,
‘ssl’ => true,
‘replicaSet’=> ‘shard-0’

This was my connection setting with success.