Cockpit have any option or alternative solution for disable terminal menu in cockpit UI

Hi All,
Is there any option/procedure or alternative solution for disable/hide menus like terminal, networking, accounts etc in cockpit UI for login user or different user…
We saw admin role only…

Please suggest us how we can archive this…


Goto Settings > Roles & Permissions

Create a role and assign it to a user.

We are using cockpit below version.
Cockpit is an interactive Linux server admin interface.
Version 215.
Licensed under: GNU LGPL version 2.1
Please find the attachement in account setting, we didn’t find any roles& permissions.
we need hide/disable terminal for particular users.

is that a joke :rofl:

kumar go here please

Hi aiamk,
see the above attachement instead administrative access , it is showing privileged , we are unable to click it.

install cockpit in other server but still getting privileged only.

OS : ubuntu-20.04

commands :
sudo apt update

        sudo apt install cockpit -y
     sudo systemctl start cockpit cockpit.socket

sudo systemctl start cockpit cockpit.socket

Other server we installed centos 7
using yum commands installed cockpit.

yum install cockpit .
it is installing 195.1 version.

dear kumar you are writing in the wrong website, this website for PHP cockpit headless cms