Check if entry is in collection to prevent from duplication entires


I would like to add entries to collection via API. But before I will add entries, I’d like to check if collection contains entry with the same title to prevent from duplikate entries. Is it possible? How to achieve that?

Thank for you help

You can hook into the event in your config/bootstrap.php and check for duplicates before saving. See code below (not tested):


$app->on('', function($collection, &$entry, $isUpdate) {

    if (!isset($entry['title'])) return;

    $criteria = [
        'title' => $entry['title']

    $duplicate = $this->module('collections')->findOne($collection, $criteria, null, false, []);

    if (!$duplicate) return;

    // return error message with 412 status header
    else $this->stop(['error' => 'title exists already'], 412);


I also wrote that a while ago for the permission rules: