Changing Asset Title and Description not working [Bug]

This is so strange. I’m simply trying to change the title and description of an asset created in a singleton or collection. It saves in the dashboard and shows my new title and description after saving, but doesn’t change in the JSON data. Very strange. Driving me crazy. What am I missing or is this a bug? I would’ve loved this feature if it’s not a bug.

Hi I change the title direct from Assets or from field and its change the title and description.
Try change from field image it is working?

Hmm it doesn’t work. Can you try editing the asset image title from inside a singleton and see what it does?

Also I notice your folder on the right says thumbnails and mine is empty. Where does that come from since these images are simply stored in the uploads directory? I’m wondering if this is part of the reason also.

I think in your example you’re just editing the asset directly not an asset from a singleton or collection. It saves for the asset itself, but not in the JSON for the singleton or collection where you edited.

Just wanted to bump this. hopefully, there’s a solution.

Hi Sorry for late replay ,

Mine is woking edit assets form collection.
If first time not working then you check in assets if the title change if change you can remove and reinsert assets again in collection. then it shoud work fine

Did anyone check this yet. Still not working a year later: June 2022.

Same issue. Title and description edited and saved, but doesn’t come up in JSON

You must remove the asset first then reinsert again, or you can edit all decription first in the assets then reinsert in the field. it’s a bug maybe cannot auto detect when the description edit or change…

I’m not sure what you mean to remove and add. These assets were freshly added. I’m having a hard time understanding why those fields won’t commit to the json

@oboogy It’s not a bug, it’s a feature. But I know, it can be annoying, if you don’t know about it.

If you update assets via the assets manager, existing assets in singletons and collections aren’t updated automatically.

This is really useful if you want to use a different descriptive text for the same image in multiple entries.

There are two workarounds:

  1. Fetch a collection entry, extract the asset id and than fetch the asset with the updated data.
  2. Update an asset via assets manager, delete the asset in an entry and reinsert it with the updated data.

You could also automate that procedure by using the event. This is relatively simple if you know your data structure, but it’s hard to write a generic addon. Assets can have additional fields inside entries and assets fields can be nested inside layouts inside repeaters… A generic addon would have to perform a regex search over all existing collections and singletons, which could lead to performance issues.

I’m having a hard time understanding. When you say it’s a feature so not being able to edit the title and description of the asset and have it committed to the json is a feature?

If so then how would you edit the title and description of the asset and have the values exist in the json?

@oboogy Let’s start from scratch. It seems, we are talking about different things. And please provide some steps to reproduce the issue. The following questions are also interesting to know:

What’s your cockpit version?
Do you use any addons, that might interfere with the default image behavior?
Do you use an image or an asset field?
Did you click “Save” or “Close” after editing the asset inside the modal? (Sometimes we all have such face palm moments).

The issue is pretty straightforward. I’m just editing the description field on an asset, and it doesn’t commit to the json.

Here’s a quick screencast: Screen Recording 2022-07-20 at 3.22.35 - Google Drive

Looks like it’s version: 0.12.1 from the package.json and there arent any add-ons.

If not working try to remove the assets first from the field and reinsert the assets again.

Mine seems working after remove and reinsert asset. below the screen