Can't upload onto asssets

I got php 8 running at postmaxsize of 50m and upload on also with upload_max_filesize of 500m and still when I try to upload onto the assets I get " something went wrong " with error 500 from server.

It is a fresh install from the stable version by the way.

How can I remedy this situation? I really like cockpit and I don’t want to replace it.

Try enabling debug mode (set debug: true in your config) to look for a more detailed error description, maybe that helps?

I did that but I see no extra log pointing to anything. I understand that cockpit has no log system, right? My php doesnt show any error as well.

I just did a fresh install of Cockpit on PHP 8.0.1 with upload_max_filesize 500M, post_max_size 100M. When I go to the assets manager (/assetsmanager) I can upload files of any size (tested 1MB, 10MB, 50MB, 100MB) just fine.

Can you give some more information about your setup?

So for future ref this is how I dealt with it

Step 1 : go to bootstrap.php line 100 and set ‘debug’ = true, since my error was Call to undefined function finfo_open()
Step 2 : install fileinfo Universal Extensions if is not installed on your php
Step 3 : go to php.ini of your website and find extension=fileinfo and remove the ;
Step 4 : reload and restart php service on your server.

Now I can upload files. Cockpit still rules

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