Cannot upload files over 1mb



I have a project that I am working that has a collection containing a number of folders that each render a different gallery when a label is clicked on. The issue that I am having is that I cannot upload any images that are 1mb or over. All of the kb images upload just fine, but the minute something is 1mb, it simply does not upload. The error message says: file(s) failed to upload.

This is not a permission issue, because I am able to upload files under 1mb. Can someone please point me toward a solution. Been searching and searching and I just for the life of me cannot figure out what the issue is. Thank you all in advance! I appreciate the help!


Solved it!
For future people who come upon this post looking for a solution, here is how I solved it.
Change the settings in php. I am using cpanel, so I changed the settings in “select php version” then click “switch to php options” then
increase post_max_size and upload_max_filesize