Caching Problem?

So i just installed cockpit and logged in using the default admin account. I added the Groups addon so I can create new user groups. After exploring things, I decided to create a new non-admin account with fewer privileges/access and I logged in using that. I noticed that when I navigate to some of the pages the admin account is still showing as the logged in user and I can create collections eventho I didn’t include that. After pressing Ctl + Shift + R (to clear browser cache) things now shown as expected.

Is there a way to get around this caching problem?

I am not completly sure (because lime (wich is a lib-depedency) has a caching feature and I am not sure what it all takes affection on) but as far as I know all ACLs are checked via PHP according to the user you logged in with and therefor access rights should not even be cach-able in this infrastructure.