Bulk import collection items

Cockpit CMS v1 had an awesome import tool that even allowed you to match fields during import.

Is anything like that possible in v2? I want to bulk import many collection items at once. With curl I am only able to import one collection item per curl command:

curl -X POST "https://domain.tld/api/content/item/agenda" \
 -H "api-key: <APIKEY>" \
 -H "Content-Type: application/json" \
 -d '{"data":{"title":"TEST","takesPlace":true,"description":"TEST","dateTime":"2022-12-14 17:00","place":{"_model":"places","_id":"c0b5219e623266b707000180"},"offerReference":null,"_mby":"8897c45d303961e278000350","_by":"8897c45d303961e278000350","_modified":1661599301,"_created":1661599288,"_id":"b65a7eb53863614120000309"}}' 

Thanks for the help in Advance!