Access to an entry without login

Hello Cockpit team and community!

Is there a way to generate a “public link” to share a collection entry, for someone who does NOT have an account to edit the entry?



Yes, you can create a non-account api key under Setting > Api access.
And in the rules box you can allow a specific collection that you want them to retrieve or edit.


So, whoever get the key, he/she can retrieve or edit your collection.

Thanks for this question. I have a follow up question.

I would like audience to suggest improvements to a collection.
However, I’d like to moderate that, so they shouldn’t be able to save directly to the “live” collection. Is that double.

Current idea:

  • Make a “draft” collection that’s public
  • I as moderator can copy items to the “live” collection.

Is there an easy way that I (as moderator) can copy a draft item to the “live collection”. Could I do that in the CMS, or where would I start (I suppose I can make some kind of addon).

Or might it be better to use the Forms functionality for this?

I’m not very sure the workflow but I think this plugin may be helpful for you.

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Thanks, that looks like an interesting option indeed.