V0.8.4 released

I just released v0.8.4 including bugfixes and improvements:

  • import _ids (collection import)
  • exclude layout field components setting
  • grouping of collections and singletons

Also included in the release is an (experimental) support for a @visibility field option:


Show field only if the field name isn’t empty and has a min length

    '@visibility': '$.name && $.name.length > 5'

Thanks also @raffaelj and @pauloamgomes for contributing improvements and fixes.


Hi Artur,
I think there’s a problem with visualization of the collection and singleton groups. When two singletons are from same group, the name of the group is displaying two times in the navigation. Same is with collections.

@danailov-z thank you! just released 0.8.5 which should fix this