Textarea field parses partial Markdown

Hi All,

First of all, thank you for a great CMS, so far really happy with it, but now my issue :slight_smile:

I created a collection with a title and content. The content fieldtype is a textarea. I entered markdown code which i will parse to HTML on the client side. However, when retrieving from cockpit, the first link (this case mailto) is already parsed, conflicting on my client side as it can’t parse HTML blocks. Is this normal behaviour or a bug? Any help is appreciated.


just to make sure: the field type is Textarea, right?


That’s correct, i noticed the Markdown type but explicitly chose textarea because i parse it later down the process

sorry, I can’t verify your issue

this would be also strange, because Cockpit doesn’t parse any markdown (that’s why you can use the markdown field type, it just gives you a better ui for editing markdown)

maybe you miss some auto process on your side :thinking:

try to investigate what comes exactly from the cockpit api request