Set a Notification Time from UIKit & Validation

Question 1
Does anyone have any idea how to find the “notify” time? I’m trying to set the time high, but that doesn’t work when I change the time in assets/lib/uikit/js/components/notify.js.

Is there somehow a caching behavior I can turn off. Or where are these timers set? I’ve searched the whole project with full text search several times and can’t find anything.

Question 2
I would like to change the message for the frontend in the backend. I am in the save_entry function from where I build a validation. From here it should not be possible to save if the validation fails. But in doing so, a wrong e-message arrives in the frontend. there is always ‘File not found’, which I want to replace with the reason for the failed validation.

Point 3
If there are better ways to validate the data, I am quite open to suggestions. Preferably I would like to map this as an extension.

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its overridden here:

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