Repeater field / Multiple values

Hello, i like getcockpit, it is cool and i like using it.

Wanted to upgrade to the lastet version, unfortunately there is no longer a repeater field. With multiple values i can’t map certains logics:

For example: Add item and select Set A, Set B or Set C and do not show all sets.

Do you have a solution?


Hi, I’m having the same problem.

Managed to use the “Repeat” option in a set, but then I can’t yet figure out how to hide show fields/sets based on the value of a dropdown with options.
There is a field condition for that purpose under the “meta” tab, but I don’t know how to get the selected dropdown value, and hide/show according to that.

Should be something similar to: data.fieldname.value but I don’t know the exact syntax.
Would be really nice if someone could figure it out.