Relative urls in WYSIWYG editor?

is it possible to use relative paths for assets url in WYSIWYG editor?

i tried the following configuration but it didn’t worked out:

  "editor": {
    "relative_urls": true

If you also add convert_urls it makes the paths relative after “insert > image (asset)”

  "editor": {
    "relative_urls": true,
    "convert_urls": true

But I’m not sure how helpful that will be as e.g. my test setup then had paths that looked like ../../../storage/uploads/2021/08/23/someimage.jpg.

Thank you Abernh, i believe this solution isn’t good for my project (static cms).
i made another solution worked for me but i am not sure if it will break other codes:


var ASSETS_URL = '{{ rtrim($app->filestorage->getUrl('assets://'), '/') }}';


var ASSETS_URL = '{{ rtrim($app->pathToUrl('#uploads:'), '/') }}';

i think that kind of variable must be adjustable in config file.

Yes, that’s quite risky.

There is another topic that might address the same issue Images not showing because relative asset path in WYSIWYG content

Maybe there is something that helps

Thank you, already i did last week but it couldn’t help.

i have to use relative url because static website will be on 3 servers: local, staging & production, so its not practical to keep changing the paths on each stage, my concept was just to sync the data & assets after generating contents.